Multidisciplinary Experience.
Multidimensional Service.
A Lawyer With Over 15 Years of Experience
in Finance, Accounting, Law, and Real Estate.

A Northern California law firm with unique qualifications and superior results.

Our attorney has multidisciplinary expertise in finance, lending, securities, business transactions, bankruptcy, real estate, employment law, estate planning, and litigation. Mr. Roundy has over fifteen years of experience as an investment analyst, an accountant, and a lawyer. Whether litigating or representing on a transaction, we offer our clients a conversant and broad knowledge base that few other firms can offer. We will advise you and keep a watchful eye on all aspects of a representation.

Service Areas.


Business Transactions

Our attorney has represented both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings. We have successfully represented corporate officers against "fraudulent transfer" claims by the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee, represented petitioners from filing through discharge of their debts, and defended against contests of secured creditors rights to bankruptcy estate property.
Our attorney's uncommon experience from his prior career as an analyst and accountant in the securities and finance industry has given him a conversant understanding of business and financial transactions. We have represented business clients in buy/sell transactions, mergers, joint ventures and more. You can feel secure knowing that our broad experience and understanding allows us to keep a watchful eye on all aspects of a transaction.
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Civil Litigation

Real Estate

Our attorney has years of experience in both prosecuting and defending against civil litigation in a variety of contexts, cases, and claims. We have represented both business and individuals in complex and class-action litigation in both California state and Federal court. Our attorney has a winning record on appeal and in the trial-courts. We take a tough stance in asserting and protecting our clients rights. 
Our attorney has experience with complex issues related to securitized real estate investments, commercial property investments, quiet title claims, lien subrogation, wrongful foreclosure, Truth In Lending Act violations, broker-agent fraud and misrepresentations, and more. We place a special focus on assisting the unique needs of small real estate investors but continue to represent all manner of parties: buyers, sellers, agents, contractors, and more.
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Multidisciplinary expertise.
Multidimensional service.
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