Cannabis-Related Businesses

The cannabis industry in California is about to blossom. Are you prepared?
What We Do.
We have been in your shoes. We are a legal upstart formed for the purpose of serving other upstarts. As a local member of the Sacramento startup community, we have a strong incentive to help this community thrive and to build a long-term business relationship with your company.

Whether you are a grower, distributer, retailer, marketer or other service company, you need high caliber advice and guidance. Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Alcohol are about to enter the California market. We can help you survive the competition and thrive.

We can help you with issues like: land use and real estate , zoning issues, HIPAA and privacy restrictions, business formations, intellectual property strategy, lobbying, marketing and branding,  licensing and permitting, FDA compliance, product labeling requirements, employment law, vendor and commercial agreements, and financial structuring . Check out our affordable and all-inclusive Startup Package and business consulting expertise.
Conducting Business Within A Highly Regulated Industry.
Cannabis-related businesses will not only face the same challenges that other highly regulated businesses face, but a uniquely complicated (and sometimes convoluted) regulatory scheme of California state and Federal regulations. Unlike alcohol, tobacco, food, and pharmaceuticals, these schemes will affect the enforceability of vendor and product sale contracts, shipping and transportation issues, whether and how to source the products and supplies you need from prohibition states, how to protect your research and development assets for a product that is currently illegal under Federal law, mitigating risk of loss of your product in prohibition states and under Federal law, and many other challenges. We can untangle the knots for you and set you on course for future growth.

Our fifteen years of legal, financial, and business acumen will provide foresight and clear-headed thinking to the table. We know that in the beginning, your financial resources are especially precious and better spent on marketing and growth. However, taking the cheap and easy approach to legal work often leads startups to big headaches later on. We can protect your business by giving you access to all of the resources you need.
Lots of Questions? Buy Our Startup Package & Get Unlimited Answers For a Year.
We know you have a lot of questions right now. That is why we are proud to point out that our Business Startup Program includes unlimited telephone question and answering support for one year. That's right, no limits. Call us now at (916) 877-7780 to get started.

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